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Behind Our Name

The definition of 'Paradigm' is: "an outstandingly clear or typical model or archetype". Our desire is to set the standard in video production and digital marketing. The goal of designing and delivering high-quality videos at Paradigm is to provide our clients with the best outcomes possible. We are committed to producing engaging content in order to strengthen the brands we work with. Our strategists will bring your product and ideas to life.

Our History

Hamilton Studios LLC was originally formed as a video and audio production company focused on delivering high-end music-related content before forming our new division 'Paradigm Video Solutions' to serve the needs of small to medium-sized brands.

From our founding in 2019, and then Paradigm's conception in 2021, we wanted to change the way video production companies implemented their content.

Video Strategy?

What use is a video that sits on YouTube, getting virtual cobwebs and never being seen by your audience?  We're not the company that does that. We develop a clear strategy for how this content might affect and grow your business and set it in action by beginning with that goal in mind. We use video to target the problems you see in your business and solve them. 

Filming a Scene

Start Your Video Strategy

Let's jump on a 15-minute phone call to discuss your company's goals. These Video Discovery Sessions will teach you all you need to know about our video production services and how collaborating with Paradigm can propel you to new heights!

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